Civil war in Nigeria

During the civil war in Nigeria thier was a high number of poverty in Nigeria expecially the easterners, people left their home in fear of death and ran into the bush for safety immerging how living in the bush will be like. In those days people eat termite lizards to survive,and their was high number of malnutrition. The war was called biafran war because the easterners wanted to be a country and be independent from Nigeria, what lead to the war was when the commander know as Odimegwu Ojugwu others thier Amy to kill the northerns in any eastern State, and that was what lead to the biafra war. 40% of the foods in the eastern states were discovered during the war. According to Ojugwu after the war people were lost thier was a high increase in death rate malnutrition were every where. Nnamdi Azikiwe was the one who stoped the war and the biafra loose the war


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