11-years-old commits suicide

The 11 year old boy jumped out from a balcony to kill himself.

According to the perents reports, the child had nothing wrong with him, he was healthy, strong and always adjust to his life, they also reported that he plays, laughs and joke with his friends.

During the investigation the police found a small sheet of note titled “THE MAN ON THE BLACK HOOD” then linked it to the online persona “Jonathan galindo”. this online personality uses his clown-like images to attract children and then terrify them with horror content.

The Jonathan galindo online game ask children to complete the horror-theme. Well the game ends in a bad way by asking the children to take their own lives

People believe that the clown supposed to be half-man and half-dog. Well the clown has an over sized teeth, red eye, and black nose the. costume was designed by Samuel canini in 2012 but has been turned into entity for evil by these online personalities

Canini a special effect producer, says he had no ties to this.

A creepy character may have a sinester motive. the YouTube video featuring clown like character that tries to engage with children the motivation begins this character is anything but innocent.

The perents of the 11-years-boy who committed suicide said this vidio is to be blame for the death of their child

The boy who committed suicide lived in Italy his death according to his perents were connected to the online game “Jonathan galindo” which was down wright evil.

After the boy saw a chilling message and jumped off the balcony, his mother found the message on his phone and now knew why his son decided to end his own life.

His perents found the following suicide note left behind the boy tablet “I love you Mom and Dad I have to follow the man on the black hood I have no more time please forgive me”.

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